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Those are two great questions.  Air Duct Cleaning can be a beneficial service for your home’s indoor air quality when performed thoroughly by a reputable company.  Air Duct Cleaning helps to remove dirt, debris, and allergens from your home’s air duct system. 

Our Rotobrush equipment uses patented technology to brush and vacuum your air ducts at point of contact.  This means that our equipment simultaneously vacuums inside your duct at the same location where the brush is loosening debris. 

We use state of the art, patented, Rotobrush equipment to clean your home’s air duct system.  Additionally, our lead technician completed Rotomaster training in Dallas, Texas to further ensure the best knowledge and care for your home.  Simply Clean takes pride in having the knowledge and training to properly provide all the services we offer, and will go wherever we need to go to get it!


When choosing a cleaning company, it is important to know exactly what services you will be receiving.  Simply Clean will be cleaning your air duct system only.  We DO NOT clean or work on any part of your mechanical heating and cooling system. 

Air Duct Cleaning prices of $35-$45 per duct are also common.  Some heating and cooling companies (HVAC) will clean your air handler, coils, or heat pump in addition to the air ducts.  Please check what services will be provided when selecting a company and price range for your air duct cleaning services.


Unfortunately this is where some people form an unfavorable opinion about air duct cleaning or have a bad experience.  Each bait and switch operation may work a little differently, but generally happens like this:

1.  Mr. or Mrs. Jones calls and books an appointment with ABC Company and notices they offer whole home air duct cleaning for  $59.99!  WOW!
     This is the BAIT to get workers into your home!
2.  A crew of one or two technicians arrive in an unmarked, questionable looking vehicle
3.  After letting the workers in the home, there will be an inspection before any work begins. Here is the SWITCH.  After the inspection the worker wil
     l inform the client that they need far more work than just the duct cleaning, or write a ticket for work that needs to be done that the coupon does
     not cover. 

- These estimates are always in high hundreds of dollars and are frequently between $1,000 to $2,000 dollars!  This happens every time. 

For more information on Air Duct bait and switch tactics, look at:  YOUTUBE: Chris Hansen Air Duct.  Here you can see how these operations work. 

What’s the buzz with Air Duct Cleaning?  And what are you going to be doing in my house?
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