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Biomedix lab floor stripped and waxed by Simply Clean.
"Floor stripping in progress at Morgan's Auto."
"Circle K in Bedford before."
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Commercial Floor Waxing

Simply Clean provides commercial floor waxing for Vinyl Composite Tile, commonly referred to as VCT. VCT is found in many office building and retail outlets.  

The maintenance schedule for any given location will vary greatly due to the amount of traffic, the proximity of the tiled area to the outer doors, the desired look of the business owner or manager, and several other factors.

Simply Clean can perform one of two different types of waxing services for VCT. One service requires stripping of the VCT all the way down to the bare tile, and our other service involves “scrubbing” the tile removing a partial amount of the old floor coating, and re-waxing.  

A complete strip and wax is more labor intensive, and is normally necessary when long time periods have passed between floor coatings. Many imperfections cannot be removed completely even with a complete stripping of floor tile. The most common examples of this are pitted floors underneath office chairs, and deep scratches in the floor due to moving fixtures.  

A complete stripping of the old floor coating however can make substantial improvements in these areas, and in most cases has the overall floor looking very good.

If a complete stripping of the floor coating is not needed, we can perform a scrub and wax. This uses all of the same equipment and floor wax, but is less labor intensive because it requires less steps and a complete strip. A scrub and wax is very efficient for a properly maintained floor that needs a refreshment to bring back that freshly waxed shine.  

 Scrubbing and waxing can effectively remove small scratches and scuff marks, and bring back the high luster shine. A scrub and wax service and normally be completed 2 to 3 times before a complete stripping of the old floor coating is necessary.

Feel free to call us at Simply Clean and speak to our professional with any questions you may have.