...We service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and every combination in between.  

House Cleaning...

Home and Office cleaning are cornerstones of Simply Clean's throng of services.   We strive to provide consistent, quality work to all of our clientele.  

House cleaning is always done during normal business hours Monday through Friday.   All of our employees wear Simply Clean attire, and drive company vehicles to and from each place of service. We service all sizes of homes in Lawrence and Monroe Counties, and offer weekly and bi-weekly frequencies.

Keely,  co-owner of Simply Clean,  estimates and schedules all house cleaning and will be happy to meet you in person.  We perform all estimates for regular, ongoing house keeping services by coming to your home, meeting with you, and taking a tour of your home.

Services generally include dusting, cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, and taking out trash.   
We do not wash dishes, organize clutter, or fold/wash any laundry.

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