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Hopefully you and your loved ones don't encounter a “water disaster,” large or small, in your home or office in your lifetime.  But, if you do, Simply Clean is here to help.  

Simply Clean is fully equipped with some of the latest and best in equipment and training to help in bringing water disasters back to a manageable condition.  Water disasters, as we refer to them, can be from many  different sources.  Some of these sources are frozen pipes that break open, other interior piping that experience breakage such as ice maker supply and toilet supply lines,  heavy rain water, flooding from streams and rivers, sewage overflows, and many other sources.

We utilize some of the latest technology in equipment, water detecting meters, and thermal imaging that allows us to find and dry water affected wood flooring, and difficult to reach areas such as wall cavities without removing these items.  This saves time and inconvenience to a home or business owner.  

There will however, still be many cases where  flooring, walls, and building materials will need to be removed.  Examples of  when it may be necessary to remove building materials may be:  contaminated building materials from flood waters or sewage, materials that simply cant be dried from being in an inaccessible location, or blocked with  plastic or other types of vapor barriers, etc...  

The water damage industry is relatively young, and equipment and technology are still developing.  Up to this point in time, the normal course of action for many contractors is  to remove much of the building material such as affected walls and flooring, and dry the remaining wet items.  This will be the case in the above mentioned scenarios, but many times a structure can be dried without major demolition.   Many contractors simply do not have the proper equipment, or the knowledge, about advanced structure drying to successfully dry without major demolition.    We prefer to “dry in place” whenever possible.  

Please keep Simply Clean in mind for your water related restoration needs!

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